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Our Story

Summerville is a Swedish designer brand established in 2012. Our aim is to provide high quality, organic baby products, the best for your baby.

Working with baby products, I lacked organic textile products with nice design for babies. We had recently moved to Roslagen and a lovely village in the archipelago north of Stockholm. Here I got the time and inspiration to bring my ideas into products. In Roslagen, where the sea meets the beautiful landscape, that is where the Summerville brand was born.

The name Summerville comes from this beautiful location with a small village and a lovely island. It is a holiday location were families from the city come to spend their vacation during summer. A place where children run barefoot in the grass, swim in lakes and the ocean, see animal and real farm life. This is also a place where parents find peace and recreation for a few glorious weeks each summer. Fortunate as I am, I have the privilege to live with my family all year round here, where others only spend their holidays. This is our Summerville – all year around.

During summer there are lots of people here and vibrant life. When autumn comes, a quiet calm settle over the village. A darkness that gives us permission to cuddle up in front of the hot stove and light candles, have a cup of tea and enjoy the peaceful and quiet life. Grateful that we do not need to leave our paradise when autumn comes. Thankful that we can enjoy our wonderful Summerville all year around.

We hope you will appreciate Summerville organic products, feel our heart and our commitment in bringing your baby the best.

Louise Fredriksson
Founder of Summerville